Assagenti represents companies operating within the shipping realm: liners, tramps, cruise ship’s agents; shipbrokers specialized in sale and purchase and charter, for both tanker and dry cargo business; manning agents catering for their principals’ crew necessities; yachting industry operators, including agents and brokers; aviation agents, general agents. Assagenti was founded in 1945 in order to safeguard the interests of its member companies and help them in solving problems relating to their activities. The Association has delegates in the board of National Federation (Federagenti) and consultants in the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa and in the Port Authority of Genoa. It is a founding member of Italian Shipping Academy and Genoa Port Center.

Assagenti provides an accurate information to its members through frequent circulars and offers assistance and advise at all levels (about organization, operations, labor, tax, employment law) directly provided by the Secretariat and by a network of external consultants.
To optimize the performance of these activities Assagenti is constantly committed to improve its electronic standard. The web site,, is active and constantly updated. Also at a strategic level, the Association became part of the Hub Telematica Scarl’s board of directors, and through it, is actively contributing to the creation of the port’s electronic system, called E-port, which will revolutionize the transmission of documents among various actors in the maritime transport chain.

Education and training is one of the Association’s most important target. Besides the traditional Domenico Papagno Course for the member companies’ employees, Assagenti collaborates on other courses dedicated to the young unemployed. Together with the Italian Shipping Academy is one of the founding members of the Shipbroker’s National School and gives a course at the Shipping and transport economic school of the University of Genoa. Assagenti, thanks to the job of a specialized company which had the duty of deepening the member companies’ need about education and training of their employees and managers, set up the “Laboratorio di Sviluppo Manageriale”, a catalogue of lectures and seminars.
Since 2001 the Association helps its member companies in founding applicants through the Job Center, which supplies the CVs of available people who want to join the shipping sector.
Through its newsletter “Assageni News”, the association keeps duly up to date its member companies and stakeholders about its initiatives and news. Assagenti has also opened profiles in the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The core of Assagenti also includes the Group of young shipbrokers and shipagents. This group was re-established in 1992 and is formed by associated companies’ members, all under the age of 40. The Group’s main purpose is to enhance the young generations entrepreneurial initiative and the spirit of association.
One of the main event promoted by Assagenti and its Group of young shipbrokers and shipagents is the Shipbrokers and Shipagents Dinner which takes place in Genoa every two years. The event is one of the main international meeting in the shipping realm and gives to Genoa a positive image return and an occasion to increase its economic income.

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